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To Drill or Not to Drill?
  It is now your option!

19 February


To Drill or Not to Drill? It is now your option! One of the key value propositions of Data Savvy Maps for SAP Dashboards is the ability to easily create custom grouped map regions that can be fluidly drilled into. Both grouped and individual drill regions feature display data, labels, insertion data and alerts. But what if your requirements call for only custom region groupings without individual drill down region detail? Previous Data Savvy Map builds hard coded drilling functionality when regions were grouped. Now you have the ability disable drilling if not needed. If future cases require drilling, simply check the option to enable drilling and add related data to your model. Possible cases to consider disabling drill down functionality.


Case 1: Sales territories grouped by US States (East, Central and West). There is only data to for these three grouped regions, there is no need to view individual states (ie. California, Nevada, Utah,etc.) in the west region. The user would only interact with the three configured regions.


Grouped region with background labels


Drill down enabled

Case 2: State grouping by county. Counties can be grouped to to create political boundaries with associated data for display and insertion. Since there is no individual county level data, no need for drill functionality.


Grouped regions without background labels

You can optionally show labels and borders of individual regions to provide background context for grouped regions. This background data has a full accompaniment of appearance settings. Your mapping requirements will determine if this additional context is necessary.

Turning off drill down does not mean the end to interactivity. You can still interact with your grouped regions by setting rollover or click to zoom actions. Zoom provide immediate visual context to the selected group of regions. Grouped regions can also have identifying labels applied dynamically. Zooming and labeling along with group appearance settings help to make your newly configured map classification resoundingly clear.

Region grouping is a powerful feature that essentially allows creating many maps from a single map component. Other offline mapping options would require generating a separate map component for each grouping configuration or complex programming. Data Savvy Maps for Xcelsius and SAP Dashboards offers the most feature rich and easy to use offline mapping solution whether you decide to Drill or Not to Drill. It is now your option.

If you have purchased a previously version of DataSavvyMaps for SAP Dashboard Design, contact support for your free upgrade.

Stay tuned as we will soon be announcing our April 2014 release date for the HTML5 Output capable update to SAP Dashboard Design. You can follow us on Twitter or Subscribe to our blog to be sure to get the latest Data Savvy Maps news.

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