Product Features

  • SAP Dashboard Design Dynamic Data Insertion

    Dynamic Data Insertion

    Dynamic data insertion options push data to other dashboard components. Beyond General Insert Data settings of row and column data insertion, you can enable behavior properties to insert the selected region key, value, label or position. These options extends the possibilities to influence other controls dynamically. Common uses are triggering action or visibility of dashboard chart, input […]

  • SAP Dashboard Maps Dynamic Regions

    Dynamic Borders

    Dynamic borders create varying views of maps by dynamically displaying border alignments of grouped regions. For example, a US map could display varying region border groupings of US states,  aligning state borders by grouped configuration. Dynamic borders selectively display different configurations of region border grouping. Using Xcelsius an filtering input control setup with region grouping assignments […]

  • SAP Dashboards Map Dynamic Regions

    Dynamic Regions

    Dynamic regions create varying views of maps by dynamically showing and hiding groups of map regions. The demo map below displays common US state region grouping, each selection represents a different group configuration. Dynamic regions selectively display one group of regions at a time using Display Data.  Using an Xcelsius filtering input controls setup with […]

  • SAP Dashboard Design Drill Down

    Interactive Drill Down

    Essentially drill down creates a layer of grouped regions on top of the original map. Drill down is initiated by activating the Drill Down Enabled option on the General Tab, creating grouped regions, then setting up relationship between grouped regions and base regions. Creating groups – A label and key must be setup for each […]

  • image11

    Feature Rich Formatting

    Communicate geographical data clearly and consistently with our feature rich formatting options for label, border and region mapping elements. Format font type, size and color. Format border color and weight. Format map fills and shadow.

  • image04

    Interactive Zoom

    Zoom settings are accessible from the behavior tab. The initial “Enable  Zoom” setting is applicable in three cases. In a single layer map zoom is enabled for its regions. In a drill down map, zoom is enabled for both the grouped regions and also regions drilled into from the group. Zoom can be set to […]

  • ani_dynamic_label

    Dynamic Label Binding

    Labels appear with individual region shapes for identification, though they can be hidden. Labels can also appear with display data rollover action. Labels have a full complement of formatting options. Keys link labels and data to individual region shapes. Keys can also be used with the display data rollover action instead of Labels. Grouped region label […]

  • image06

    Library or Custom Maps

    We are building a library of high demand geographical regions in the US and the world. If your business requirements are not met by a standard library maps, we can custom design maps to your exact data and geographic needs.

  • Product Features

  • ZoomZoom
  • Zoom OverflowZoom Overflow
  • Drill DownDrill Down
  • Dynamic LabelsDynamic Labels
  • Extended Insert OptionsExtended Insert Options
  • Alert Color SchemesAlert Color Schemes
  • Auto LegendAuto Legend
  • Custom RolloversCustom Rollovers
  • Mobile HTML5 OutputMobile HTML5 Output
  • Xcelsious 2008

  • $295


  • Zoomyes
  • Zoom Overflowyes
  • Drill Downyes
  • Dynamic Labelsyes
  • Extended Insert Optionsyes
  • Alert Color Schemesyes
  • Auto Legendtestyes
  • Custom Rolloversyes
  • Mobile HTML5 Outputno
  • Dashboard Design 4.0+

  • $395


  • Zoomyes
  • Zoom OverflowYes Flash / No HTML5
  • Drill Downyes
  • Dynamic Labels10 accounts under one domainyes
  • Extended Insert Optionsyes
  • Alert Color Schemesyes
  • Auto Legendyes
  • Custom Rolloversyes
  • Mobile HTML5 OutputMarch 2014
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  • dashboard
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