Dynamic Interaction

06 October

Our mapping solutions engage users with dynamic interactions. Property settings provide precise control of interactive features like zoom and drill down. The zoom features bring focus to a specific region by rolling over or clicking. Zoom property setting allow precise control by percentages that can be restrained within or overflow the maps overall dimensions. Drill-down maps allow developers to create two map levels by grouping region that can be drilled into. The new top level region retains all of the features of single level map regions (label, borders, fills, alerts and data insertion). Dynamic rendering of map regions and borders can be orchestrated from a combination for properties and your data model. There are two powerful application for dynamic rendering. You can dynamically create multiple maps from a single map by turning on the setting to hide regions with no data. In this case you could dynamically display a map groupings of eastern, central and western US states from a single map. You can also generate dynamic drill down maps by binding region grouping to your spreadsheet. For example a company could dynamically display territorial  regions that differentiate by product.  Additionally extended dynamic insertion options enable you to push data to other dashboard components. Beyond general row and column data insertion, you can enable behavior properties to insert the selected region key, value, label or position. These powerful dynamic interactive features  enable dashboard developer to create customized immersive mapping experiences for users.