Data Visualization

06 October

Geographic data visualization for your SAP Dashboards. You can communicate data clearly and concisely with our feature rich text, border and shape mapping elements. Default dashboard maps do not offer labels. Our map label can be manually edited, dynamically displayed or even hidden.  Map label properties also enable custom formatting and precise positioning.  Our maps offer pixel perfect border rendering. No jagged over detailed lines or lost detail from over simplified lines. We have perfected the fine line between border detail and border smoothing. Borders also have color options along with weight to provide clarity of boundaries.  Shape color plays a major role in communicating geographic context and values. We our mapping tool offers several powerful and simple features for apply color to map shapes.

  • Manually fill color of individual or groups of shapes
  • Alert manual colors
  • Alert gradient color
  • Alert binding color
  • Alert Color Brewer schemes

Our rich visualization features do not detract from performance.  Our maps respond exceptionally fast to dynamic redraw request of visualization models. You can now geographic visualization of your dashboard data with power and ease.