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Europe Map Flexing

28 April
Mapping Europe

Europe, the world’s second smallest continent by area and third largest by population has greater cultural, economic and political relevance than its geographical and census measures. All these influences come together to make defining the exact boundaries and countries of Europe less exact compared to other continents. World wars both hot and cold have reshaped […]

Zoom, Color and Data Insertion

16 December

Zoom, Color and Data Insertion round out the our coverage of compelling DataSavvyMaps features. These features are truly representative of product tenets of being interactive, visual and data savvy. They compliment or extend other features covered in this series. Interactive zoom sets the stage for drill down, color provides a manual alternative to dynamic alerts and […]

Dynamic Regions and Borders

12 December

What you get is not always what you see with DataSavvyMaps! Configuring dynamic regions and borders during map design enables map users to dynamically display different views from a single map. This functionality would require layering multiple maps in other offline mapping tools like FusionCharts or HighCharts. SAP Xcelsius and Dashboard Design developers can effortlessly […]

Alert Color Schemes

08 December

DataSavvyMaps extend SAP Xcelsius and Dashboard Design ability to visualize map data classifications. DataSavvyMaps alert tools generate robust custom gradients and ColorBrewer schemes for effective data map classification. ColorBrewer is an online tool designed to help people select good color schemes for maps and other graphics. We have integrated ColorBrewer along with our custom gradient color scheme generator. Our […]

Custom Drill Down

05 December

Geographic regions have natural, historical, political or derived relationships. Natural relationships most often result from geographic positioning. Historical relationships are continuously reshaping the geographic world as we know it. Political relationships shape everything from school districts to military geographic alignments. Derived relationships are formed by activities within regions, for example, sales territories are derived based […]

Dynamic Label and Key Binding

03 December

Region labels are not available with default SAP Xcelsius and Dashboard Design maps. In Data Savvy Maps, not only is labeling of regions available, but labeling is now a powerful feature capable of dynamically communicating context for individual geographic regions. Labeling is not a standalone feature, it is actually part of a dynamic duo when […]

Introducing Data Savvy Maps

02 December

Welcome all to Data Savvy Maps! Mapping tools for SAP Xcelsius 2008 and SAP Dashboard Design. A special welcome to our customers and followers from our Data Savvy Tools website. We offered custom mapping services along with other dashboard and data centric tools at DataSavvyTools. Growing demand for our custom SAP Dashboard maps prompted us into […]

Data Savvy Maps official launch November 18

06 October

Data Savvy Tools will be officially launching on November 18. The site will feature and sell SAP Xcelsius 2008 and Dashboard Design Add-on maps from a growing library of geographic regions and also custom map builds. Maps will eventually be available for other applications and BI vendors. Data Savvy Maps’ interactive maps far exceed […]